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Tobacco Use Among Minority Women
While smoke rates vary among minority women, the health risks remain serious for each group.
Body Weight And Minority Women
The high incidence of adult-onset diabetes is a major problem for women of color, in part because of obesity.
Health Status
Erasing disparities in health care, involves an understanding of the health status of minority women.
Racial And Ethnic Breakdown Of Women In The United States
It helps to know the racial and ethnic background of U.S. women in understanding the medical care disparity issues.
Life Expectancy And Mortality
Learn what the statistics tell us about the mortality and life expectancy of minority women in the United States.
Physical Activity And Minority Women
More than 60% of women in the United States do not engage in the recommended amount of physical activity.
Sexuality Transmitted Infections And Minority Women
Sexually transmitted infections can affect the health of minority women of all ages.
Alcohol: A Woman's Issue
Alcohol presents yet another health challenge for women. Even in small amounts, alcohol affects women differently than men.
Violence Against Women: Signs of Abuse
Learn the signs of abuse and find out how to get help.
Disease Risks
There are a number of risk factors that determine the health of minority women.

Health Concerns
Stroke And Minority Women
Stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases were the third leading cause of death for minority women in the United States (excluding American Indian/Alaska Native women).
Cancers And Minority Women
All cancers combined is the leading cause of death for Asian American/Pacific Islander women, and the second leading cause of death among other American women of color.
Maternal And Infant Health Of Minority Women
Infant mortality and smoking are critical issues in the maternal health of minority women and their babies.
Minority Women Health Concerns
Minority women's health concerns are no different than that of others, but the impact of lifestyle and genetics may be.
Diabetes Mellitus And Minority Women
Diabetes is much more prevalent among minority females than among their White counterparts.
Psychiatric Disorders And Minority Women
Several psychiatric disorders, including anxiety disorders and mood disorders, disproportionately strike females.
Among females with tuberculosis, most of the reported cases occur in minority populations.
Suicide And Minority Women
Suicide rates vary among minority women.


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