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Will Baby Bond With You?

A newborn naturally bonds with parents as he or she develops, although it's not always obvious.

Learn The Basics
Knowing Whether the Baby is Getting Enough Milk
Know when your baby is getting the milk he or she needs.
How to Breastfeed
Learn how to breastfeed your baby.
Tandem Nursing
Learn about nursing two different aged children.
Nursing Bras
Find out how to choose and use a nursing bra.
Frequently Asked Questions About Breastfeeding
Here are some common questions (and answers) about breastfeeding asked by other parents.
How to Burp a Breast-Fed Baby
Learn the correct way to burp your baby.
Breastfeeding Glossary
Learn commonly used breastfeeding terms.
Benefits of Breastfeeding
Find out why breast milk is the best bet for your baby.
Knowing When to Feed Your Baby
Learn about the cues that your baby gives when he is hungry.

Take Action
Going Back to Work
Find out how to return to the office while continuing to breastfeed your baby.
Trouble Shooting Chart for Breastfeeding Mothers
Learn the basics about potential health problems related to breastfeeding.
Breast Care: Before and After the Baby
Breast care is an important aspect of breastfeeding. Find out what to do and what not to do.
Re-Lactation and Induced Lactation
Learn how to resume breastfeeding after taking a break, and how to start breastfeeding if your baby is adopted.
Nutrition for Mom, the Best for Baby
Find out what you should eat when you are breastfeeding.
Expressing Breast Milk
Learn how to express breast milk and what to look for when buying a pump.
Accessories for Breastfeeding
Not all breastfeeding accessories are necessary, find out which ones you may need.
Your Decision to Breastfeed and Your Health Care Provider
Find out whether your health care provider is breastfeeding friendly.
Additional Resources
For further information on breastfeeding, contact these organizations.
Developing a Support System for the Breastfeeding Family
Don't do it all alone, enlist help while you are breastfeeding.

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