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Epilepsy and Pregnancy
If you're among many women of childbearing age with epilepsy, you and your obstetrician will have some medical decisions to make.
If you're currently being treated for any form of cancer, be cautioned: There are two very important reasons to avoid pregnancy.
Lupus and Pregnancy
About half of all lupus pregnancies are totally normal, whereas 25% end with the premature delivery of a normal baby and another 25% end in miscarriage or stillbirth.
Multiple Sclerosis and Pregnancy
Pregnancy and childbirth don't have any negative long-term effects on women with multiple sclerosis.
Heart Disease and Pregnancy
Pregnancy places additional demands on your body's circulatory system and alters the way it operates so more blood can pass through the placenta to the baby.
When asthmatics become pregnant, about 25% find that their symptoms get worse, 25% report that they improve and 50% report no change.