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In vitro fertilization is popularly, and inaccurately, associated with the term “test tube babies.” The technique, which literally means “fertilization in glass,” was first developed to help women with blocked, damaged or missing Fallopian tubes.

Kenneth Bancroft Clark, psychologist and educator, in partnership with Gunnar Myrdal, researched the role of the African-American in the United States that resulted in "An American Dilemma," published in 1941.

The pituitary, which is located at the base of the brain, is considered the master gland because it controls the other endocrine glands and produces a number of hormones that stimulate growth, metabolic or sexual functions.

An Austrian monk named Gregor Mendel introduced the world to genetics through his experiments on crossbreeding pea plants. Mendel, who was born on this date in 1822, began investigating plants in the monastery’s experimental garden in 1856.

An American Legion Convention held in Philadelphia beginning on this date in 1976, became the focal point for the hunt for a deadly disease that killed 29 of the conventioneers.

One of the first educators to write widely used textbooks on psychology was Charles Hubbard Jedd, a graduate of Wesleyan University who received his doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Leipzig in Germany in 1896.

In the 1940s, terrified parents kept their children close to home, particularly in the summer when they believed that public swimming pools were breeding grounds for poliomyelitis or polio.

The first public health service in the United States was established by Congress on this date in 1798. Originally, the service was intended to oversee the care of "sick and disabled seamen.

In the early 1980s, doctors at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine discovered that an experimental drug called acyclovir was successful in treating cold sores and genital lesions caused by the herpes simplex virus.

On this date in 1883, the first issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association was published. Nathan S.

On this date in 1985, H. Harlan Stone, M.

As a young man in Germany, Abraham Jacobi, M.D.

On July 9, 1893, Daniel Hale Williams, pioneering African-American surgeon, repaired the lacerated pericardium (the membrane that encloses the heart) of a Chicago stab-wound victim.

Sulfites, used to control bacteria and to prevent discoloration from oxidation in some fresh vegetables and fruits, can be deadly to those suffering from allergies, particularly for those with asthma.

Italian physician Camillo Golgi was the first researcher to discover that the three types of malaria are caused by protozoan organisms.

For his work on crystalline enzymes, John Howard Northrop was awarded a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1946, which he shared with Wendell M. Stanley and James B.

Two-time Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie died on this date in 1934. Along with her husband Pierre, a French scientist, the Polish-born physicist discovered radium and polonium.

On this date in 1569, Huguenot physician William Chamberlen, the inventor of obstetrical forceps, was forced to emigrate to England from France.

More and more is written about the 16th century prophecies of French astrologer Nostradamus. But Nostradamus, who was born Michel de Nostredame in 1503, was equally famous in his lifetime for his skills as a physician.

In April 1897, Eastman Kodak created a special film 3 feet by 6 feet that was used for the first radiograph of an entire body.

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