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The latter part of the 19th century was a risky time to be a child in America.

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, a 17th century draper’s apprentice, used lenses to examine the threads of fabrics he was working with. This spurred an interest in lens making and what would be the creation of the first simple microscope.

Ella Phillips Crandall was a leader in public health nursing who spent much of her career battling disease, filth and poverty in American city slums.

Researchers spent much of the 19th century looking for various ways to mask the pain of surgery. In addition to ether, chloroform and nitrous oxide, one promising substance late in the century was cocaine (thanks in part to research by Dr.

On this date in 1916, physicians Joseph Goldberger and G.A.

"Thank God! Out of one hundred patients whom I have visited or prescribed for this day, I have lost none." These words are from an entry in the diary of Colonial physician Benjamin Rush on this date, year unknown.

On this date in 1944, the Harvard Medical School reported the development of synthetic skin. The skin, made from blood plasma, would be used to aid burn victims, who often must undergo grafts of their own skin to cover burned areas.

On the night of April 15, 1865, a man knocked on the door of the Maryland home of Dr. Samuel A.

Bernardino Ramazzini is noteworthy for writing the first comprehensive study of occupational diseases in 1700.

Albert Schweitzer, humanitarian, medical missionary, philosopher, author, musician and theologian, died on this date in 1965 in what is now Gabon, Africa. He was 90.

On this date in 1931, chemists discovered that the pituitary gland contains a hormone, hGH, that controls growth. Overactivity of the pituitary, which sits at the base of the brain, results in gigantism.

On this date in 1952, the deep-chill technique was used for the first time in surgery. Floyd John Lewis, M.

"Using sumptuous illustrations and clear, matter-of-fact descriptions, Dr. Gray unleashed a classic on the world more than 100 years ago," noted a review of one of the most recognized medical books of all time: "Gray's Anatomy.

On this date in 1911, the British orthopedic surgeon who invented the modern artificial hip, was born. Following duty as a battlefield surgeon in World War II, Sir John Charnley, M.

Two brothers who grew up in Pennsylvania's Amish country played an active role in medicine in the 19th century.

In Boston on this date in 1918, the first case of the deadly Spanish influenza occurred. The disease spread around the world after World War I and killed one percent of the world population, which represented more casualties than the war itself.

Alchemy, the medieval theory that base metals could be chemically changed into gold, was widely accepted until Antoine Laurent Lavoisier disproved the theory in the 18th century.

One of a small number of surgeons to win the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was born on this date in 1841. Emil Theodor Kocher, M.

Initial rumors about sweating sickness, or “sudor Angelicus,” occurred on this date in 1485, in England. Sweating sickness was marked by high fever, delirium and high mortality.

Today is the birthday of the first physician to describe Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Edward Ernest Maxey, an ear, nose and throat specialist, was born on this date in 1867.

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