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You may already know about William Morton's successful dental operation in 1846 using ether as an anesthetic. What you probably don’t know is how ether caught on in England.

On this date in 1912, an amateur archaeologist announced that he had found two skulls belonging to a precursor of man, at the Piltdown Quarry in Sussex, England.

On this date in 1776, prominent Philadelphia physician William Shippen Jr. poked fun at the American army when he wrote his brother-in-law Richard Henry Lee, “I wish you would introduce a new step into your army.

Hugo Munsterberg, a pioneer in the field of industrial psychology, examined the workplace particularly the impact of monotony, attention and fatigue, and physical and social influences.

Growing up in Iceland just below the Arctic Circle, Niels Finsen was acutely aware of the good effects of sunlight. A sickly child, he noticed that increased exposure to sun rays made him feel better.

Andrew Taylor Still grew up in Tennessee and Missouri in the early 1800s and got what education he could from local schools and his father, a Methodist minister.

As a young man in Chicago, Charles Rudolph Walgreen worked in drugstores while studying pharmacy in his free time. After serving in the Spanish-American War, he became a registered pharmacist.

There was a time when deaf children and adults were institutionalized in asylums because they were often considered mentally impaired or unintelligent.

Famous British man of letters Samuel Johnson kept copious notes and diaries about his life, most of which was filled with illness.

On this date in 1991, Kimberly Bergalis, 23, died of AIDS after contracting HIV from her dentist. Her case became the first reported AIDS fatality caused by doctor-to-patient transmission of the HIV virus.

On this date in 1941, an Australian nurse named Elizabeth Kenney obtained U.S.

Edward Robinson Squibb was a U.S.

On this date in 1967, cardiac surgeon Christiaan Barnard and a team of 20 other surgeons implanted the heart of a 25-year-old female victim of an accident into a 55-year-old man. This was the first-ever human heart transplant.

You might consider videotaping the birth of your baby, but would you let a television station tape the delivery to show to its audience? John and Lillian Kerr did, and the first childbirth televised for the public took place on this date in 1952.

Today is AIDS Awareness Day, a day devoted to increasing the public’s awareness about acquired immune deficiency syndrome. AIDS is referred to as a “syndrome” because it is not a disease; it is a collection of diseases - possibly as many as 25.

As you might expect, the first state medical society was founded in Massachusetts. A group of doctors formed the Massachusetts Medical Society as a professional association of physicians on Nov.

On this date in 1857, Nobel prize-winning physiologist Sir Charles Sherrington was born in London, England.

While Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel was experimenting with nitroglycerin as an explosive, scientists and physicians were testing its medical uses. Until that time, the only pain medications available were brandy and opium.

The first operation to remove a brain tumor was performed by the nephew of the famous 19th century British surgeon Joseph Lister. On this date in 1884, neurosurgeon Rickman Godlee removed a 2-inch tumor from a patient's brain.

Russell Morse Wilder contributed a great deal to understanding diabetes. In 1921, he organized a laboratory at the Mayo Clinic with physiologist Walter Boothby to study patients with diabetes.

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