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Stroke News Headlines

(HealthDay News) -- Studies looked at improvements in ER, specially equipped ambulance that could deliver clot-busting drug

(HealthDay News) -- Women, minorities and younger adults most likely to be misdiagnosed ...

(HealthDay News) -- Early study found they can be safely transplanted into the brain; 2 patients showed significant improvement

(HealthDay News) -- Researchers in Taiwan found strongest connection among people younger than 34

(HealthDay News) -- But getting antiviral meds to treat painful rash lowers chances of brain attack, researchers add

(HealthDay News) -- But less than one-third of survivors maintain consistently safe levels

(HealthDay News) -- Experts call for palliative care to improve patients' quality of life ...

(HealthDay News) -- Happier caregivers help loved ones do better, researcher says

(HealthDay News) -- But disability after surgery is often severe, study finds

(HealthDay News) -- Every 60 seconds shaved off how quickly tPA was given meant patient had one less day of disability ...

(HealthDay News) -- Compared with whites, they had poorer physical, mental outcomes 3 months after brain attack

(HealthDay News) -- Experts say the finding highlights importance of keeping blood pressure under control

(HealthDay News) -- Keys to improved function include preventing a 2nd stroke and continuing with rehab, experts say

(HealthDay News) -- Getting immunized early in season delivers most cardiovascular benefit, study suggests

(HealthDay News) -- Research finds big gender gap, which one doctor believes is tied to better treatment for men

(HealthDay News) -- Study found lack of key mineral can make blood 'stickier' and more likely to clot

(HealthDay News) -- Immobility, pain and depression less likely for male survivors, research suggests

(HealthDay News) -- Researchers can't say for sure, but brain bleeds were more common among those with low levels of the vitamin

(HealthDay News) -- In company-funded trial, device outperformed usual tests in detecting atrial fibrillation

(HealthDay News) -- Made no difference in long-term outcomes, but other drugs being developed might, study says

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