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News Review From Harvard Medical School

Trusted Harvard Medical School experts put today's health news stories in perspective and explain how issues affect you.

Extra Tests May Not Help for Chest Pain

Measles Cases Linked to Disneyland Rise to 78

Authors Urge Less Focus on Exercise Amount

Possible Risk of Stomach Sleep for Epileptics

Study Questions Strict Salt Limit after 70

Pizza Days Boost Kids' Calories, Fat, Salt

FDA Backs Weight-Loss Device to Curb Hunger

Spit Test May Help Find Lung Cancers

Study Links Optimism with Heart Health

Study Questions Goals for Older Diabetics

Study: Vaccine Reduces Rotavirus Illness

Crimes May Be a Sign of Dementia

Study: Avocados May Help Cut Cholesterol

Study: Type 1 Diabetes Cuts Lifespan

Study Links Whole Grains with a Longer Life

Study: Kids with Bedroom Cellphone Sleep Less

'Bad Luck' Blamed for Some Types of Cancer

My Top 10 News Stories of 2014

Ebola Vaccine Tested in African Adults

Study: Mom's Depression Linked to Risky Behavior in Teens

Sedatives Less Safe, More Used in Older Adults

Fitness Linked with Lower Blood Pressure

Studies Suggest E-cigarettes May Aid Quitters

Study: People Care about Uses of Medical Data

Study: Moms Using Devices Talk to Kids Less

Compound May Help Reduce Weight Gain

Study: Gout Attacks Increase at Night

Night Bathroom Trips Common in Older Women

No Ultrasound Benefit Found for Dense Breasts

More Young Children Getting Flu Vaccine

Flu May Be Severe, Shots Less Effective

Study: Longer Surgery Increases Clot Risk

Hospital Errors Reduced, Report Says

Study: Statins Don't Protect Bones

Despite Risk, Half of Babies Use Soft Bedding

Half Million Cancers a Year Tied to Obesity

Study: Yogurt May Reduce Diabetes Risk

Report: More Children Have Eczema

No Solution Found for People Skipping Pills

At Best, Type 1 Diabetes Doubles Death Risk

Study: 23% in High School Use Tobacco

Japanese Study: No Heart Protection from Aspirin

How Long to Take 2 Anti-Clotting Drugs?

U.S. Investigates Generic Drug Price Hikes

B12, Folic Acid Pills May Not Help Memory

Study: End-of-Life Care Costs Less in Hospice

Medicare to Cover Lung Cancer Screening

Study Cites Poison Risk from Detergent 'Pods'

Study: Obesity Surgery as Safe as Other Types

Some NSAIDs May Increase Stroke Deaths

Guidelines Push Liquids to Prevent Stones

Study: More Bleeding with Pradaxa than Warfarin

Moms Talk More to Babies, Especially Girls

Brain Differences Found in Chronic Fatigue

High-Fat Diets May Help Adults with Epilepsy

Substance in Cocoa May Aid Aging Memories

Better College Care Urged for Chronic Illness

Pregnancy Diabetes May Affect Daughter's Weight

Rare Headaches May Be More Common after Weight-Loss Surgery

Quarantine Ends for Ebola Patient's Family

Study: Common Symptoms Often Unexplained

Seeing Film Violence May 'Desensitize' Parents

2 Nurses Get Ebola; Response under Scrutiny

Psoriasis Linked to Poor Blood Pressure Control

Black Diabetics More Likely to Lose a Leg

Gender May Affect Heart's Reaction to Stress

Calm Family Meals Linked with Normal Weight

Cold Temperatures Change Fat Behavior

Lifestyle Factors Affect Stroke Risk

Diabetes: Screen all Adults 45 and Older

Novel Alzheimer's Study Intrigues

Teens and Parents Like School-Based Health Centers

Liberian in U.S. Has Ebola; 100 Being Watched

Baby's Early Diet Not Linked to Celiac Risk

Study: Social Ties Help Heart Attack Recovery

Neurology Group Backs Less Use of Narcotics

Pediatricians Back Long-Acting Birth Control

CDC: Half of Gay Men with HIV Get Treatment

Similar Results for Varicose-Vein Treatments

Diabetes Growth May Be Slowing Down

Doctors Urged to Watch Out for Chikungunya

Outbreak of Severe Virus Now in 22 States

CDC Backs 2nd Pneumonia Vaccine for Seniors

Healthy Habits Urged to Help Prevent Dementia

2 Drugs Slightly Better for COPD, Study Says

Study: Blood Pressure Rises Later in Fit Men

Study: Kids Get Double Antibiotics Needed

FDA Approves Contrave, New Diet Drug

Blood Type May Influence Dementia Risk

Statins May Reduce Diabetes-Related Damage

No Clear Winner among Osteoporosis Drugs

New Drug May Further Shorten Flu Symptoms

Potassium May Lower Stroke Risk in Women

Poor Sleep Linked with Shrinking Brain Volume

No Clear Winner Among Diets

Infant Feeding and Long-Term Health

Electric Brain Stimulation Improves Memory

Polyp Removal and Future Colon-Cancer Risk

Aspirin May Cut Risk of 2nd Deep-Vein Clot

'Sleep Drunkenness' Common, Study Finds

Doctors Push Later School Day for Teens

2 Americans Recover after Ebola Treatment

Exercise May Deter Heart Rhythm Problem

Non-Car Commuters Thinner, Study Finds

Many Get Cancer Screening at Advanced Ages

Shots Fight Cervical-Cancer Virus 8 Years

Best Flu Vaccines for Seniors, Kids

Studies Look at Sodium's World Health Impact

New Home Test Finds Most Colon Cancers

Robin Williams Dies in Apparent Suicide

Study Links Mental Delays, Behavior Problems

Tool Helps Predict Risk of 2nd Kidney Stone

Study Links Low Vitamin D, Dementia Risk

Doctors Say Home Test Fine for Sleep Apnea

Kids May Be Happier with a Little Gaming

Doctors Condemn Fla. Gun-Law Ruling

Ebola Outbreak Grows; Americans Urged to Avoid Area

Nuts May Help Lower Blood Sugar

Study: Early Hormone Therapy OK for Heart

Study: Bump Beats Shake for Germ Control

RSV Drug Recommended for Fewer Babies

Tylenol May Not Relieve New Back Pain

Taking Pulse May Help Track Stroke Risk

Study Tallies Cancer-Spread Risk of Procedure

No Heart-Attack Drop for Younger Adults

Teens at Top High Schools Take Fewer Health Risks

Deaths Drop Sharply in HIV Population

Potassium May Cut Death Rates with Diuretics

'Telecare' May Improve Pain Management

People Quit More Often if Pills Look Different

Sleep-Death Risks Vary by Baby's Age

Weather Not Linked to Back Pain in Study

Doctors' Duty: Protect Brain-Injured Athletes

Study Raises Heart Concerns for Naproxen

Carotid Ultrasound Not Recommended for All

Affluent Teens More Likely to Use Hookah

Steroid Shots May Not Improve Back Pain

Transplant May Help Adults with Sickle Cell

Doctors Say Routine Pelvic Exam Not Needed

Middle-School Sexting Linked to Having Sex

CDC: Alcohol Linked to 1 in 10 Deaths

Study: TV May Boost Risk of Early Death

Cuff Size Affects Blood Pressure Accuracy

Pacemaker May Aid Women More Than Men

New Blood-Clot Warning for Testosterone

Suicide Attempts Up after Antidepressant Alerts

Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug May Top Old Drug

2 Breast-Cancer Tests for High-Risk Women?

Study: 'Bionic Pancreas' Aids Type 1 Diabetics

Parents Talk to Kids Less with Background TV

Mosquito-Borne Virus Now in U.S. Territory

Sleep Apnea Treatments May Protect Heart

Study Compares 'Add-On' Drugs for Diabetes

Exercise Often Drops after Breast Cancer

Vaccine Slashes Hospital Stays for Diarrhea

Study: Weight Gain with Antidepressants Small

2 New Drugs Fight Resistant Skin Infections

Implant May Help Moderate Heart Failure

Colon Cancer Tests after 75 May Benefit Some

Teen Exposure to E-Cigarette Ads Up Sharply

Systolic Pressure Linked to More Problems

Study Shows Risk of Delaying Blood Thinners

Exercise Cuts Senior Disability Risk in Study

Extra Iodide Urged for Pregnant Women

Study: Removing 2nd Breast Often Not Needed

Home Program May Stretch Walking Distance

Most Still Get Antibiotics for Bronchitis

Study: Faster Vaccine Needed in Flu Pandemic

Kids Who Sleep Less May Weigh More

CDC Highlights Need for Hepatitis Testing

No Sign So Far of MERS Spread in U.S.

U.S. Women Understate Lung Cancer Risk

Study Boosts Cervical-Cancer Rate Estimates

Study Details Child Concussion Symptoms

Predicting Risks of Surgery in Older Adults

Study Focuses on Air Flow in Spread of TB

Another Reason to Boost Exercise with Age

Report: Hormone Study Returned Big Savings

Risky Infant Sleep Practices Still Common

Study Links Sleep Patterns, Memory Loss

Study Links Low Vitamin D, Prostate Cancer

Problems after Kidney-Stone Treatment

Training Urged to Reduce Kids' ACL Injuries

FDA Says HPV Test Can Be Used before Pap

FDA Proposes First Rules for E-Cigarettes

Looking at Heart Risks in Young Pot Users

Night Hypoglycemia Linked to Slow Heart Rate

Resistant Staph Bacteria Found in Homes

Foodborne Illness Stable; Salmonella Down

Related Health Problems Drop for Diabetics

Sleep Apnea May Increase Osteoporosis Risk

More Pregnant Women Prescribed Opioid Pain Pills

Study: Fussy Kids May Watch More TV

High-Fat Diets Linked with Breast Cancer

Aspirin Recommended to Prevent Preeclampsia

Milk May Help Protect Women with Arthritis

Study: Classes Improve Care of Kids' Colds

Diet, Exercise Cut Death Rates in Pre-diabetes

Early Fitness May Help Keep Brain Agile

2 Studies: Vitamin D Benefits Still Not Clear

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