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News Review From Harvard Medical School

Trusted Harvard Medical School experts put today's health news stories in perspective and explain how issues affect you.

Foodborne Illness Stable; Salmonella Down

Related Health Problems Drop for Diabetics

Sleep Apnea May Increase Osteoporosis Risk

More Pregnant Women Prescribed Opioid Pain Pills

Study: Fussy Kids May Watch More TV

Report Questions Wide Use of Anti-Flu Drugs

High-Fat Diets Linked with Breast Cancer

Aspirin Recommended to Prevent Preeclampsia

Milk May Help Protect Women with Arthritis

Study: Classes Improve Care of Kids' Colds

Diet, Exercise Cut Death Rates in Pre-diabetes

Early Fitness May Help Keep Brain Agile

2 Studies: Vitamin D Benefits Still Not Clear

Stiff Arteries May Raise Risk of Alzheimer's

Strong Muscles May Boost Kids' Heart Health

Keeping Blood Pressure Low Prevents Further Strokes

Brain Stimulation Helps Some Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Gene May Explain Increased Risk for Depression

Study: E-Cigarettes Don't Help Smokers Quit

Value of Mammograms Over Age 70 Questioned

Guidelines Would Boost Statin Use by 13 Million

Middle-Age Diabetes Tied to Memory Issues

Study Questions Advice on Fats for Heart Health

Colon Cancer Rates Drop in Older Adults

Drunk Drivers' Teen Riders Likely to Imitate

Study: Stroke Risk Up with Prehypertension

Gestational Diabetes May Boost Heart Risk

Study: Glucosamine No Help for Knee Pain

Study: Parents Focus on Smartphones, Not Kids

Hearing Loss May Increase Depression Risk

Study: Prostate Surgery Boosts Survival

Age May Alter Cancer-Death Risk from Meat

DASH Diet May Help Prevent Kidney Stones

Messages on Vaccine Safety May Backfire

Groups Seek to Revoke Narcotic Approval

Campaign Boosts Hand Washing in India

Heart, Stroke Risk Up after Spouse's Death

Supplements May Boost Prostate Cancer Risk

Doctor Group Opposes Retail Clinics for Kids

CDC: Flu Hitting Younger Adults Hard

Stress Level Tied to Number of Headaches

Procedure, Drugs Compared for Rhythm Flaw

Carotid Artery Test Not Recommended for All

Study: Harm from Bullying Can Linger

Injury May Increase Strokes among the Young

Drug Option May Help Restless Legs

In Study, Mammograms Don't Reduce Deaths

FDA Weighs Heart Risks of Naproxen

Kids Drinking More Coffee, Energy Drinks

Guidelines Focus on Stroke Risk for Women

Gene, Pesticides Linked to Parkinson's Risk

Cancer Doctors Seek Shorter Family History

Sugar Linked with Increase in Heart Deaths

FDA to Review Safety of Testosterone Therapy

Chubby 5-Year-Olds Risk Early Obesity

Estrogen, Diabetes Linked with Dementia Risk

More Men May Benefit from Aneurysm Test

Navigating Changes in Treatment Advice

20 Children a Day Injured by Guns

Could Chillier Homes Help Us Lose Weight?

Omega-3's May Help Preserve Brain Cells

Study: Off-Hours Heart Attacks More Deadly

Study: Girls Play Soccer Despite Concussions

Heavy Drinking May Speed Mental Decline

Study: Heavier Diabetics Die Sooner

Screening May Detect Return of Colon Cancer

Training May Help Senior Thinking Skills

Study Tallies ER Trips for School Assaults

CDC Urges Doctors to Talk about Drinking

Device May Improve Sleep Apnea

Meditation May Help Depression, Anxiety, Pain

Mediterranean Diet May Cut Diabetes Risk

Link Between Sexting and Sex in Teens

Vitamin E May Help People with Alzheimer's

Group Recommends Lung-Cancer Screening

My Top 10 Health News Stories of 2013

Revised Screening Tool Detects Autism Earlier

More Walking Protects Heart for Pre-Diabetics

2-Year, 10% Weight Loss May Boost Health

New Guidelines Shift Blood Pressure Goals

Running May Reduce Harm of Overeating

Doctors Oppose Raw Milk for Kids

Most People over 65 Need Help in Daily Life

Study: Milder Head Blows May Affect Brain

Acid Blockers Linked with B12 Deficiency

Hypoglycemia Increases for Older Diabetics

Study: Movie Violence, Behaviors Cause for Concern

Study: Low Vitamin D Not a Cause of Disease

TB Vaccine May Help Prevent MS

Many Causes for Drop in Stroke Deaths

Study: Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Doing Better

Pregnancy Problems May Have Role in ADHD

New Swine Flu Death Estimate Much Higher

Study: Chest Pain Similar for Women, Men

New Push to Limit Antibiotic Use in Kids

What Not To Do for Migraine

Eating Nuts Linked with Lower Death Risk

Treating Insomnia May Cure Depression

New Statin Guidelines Questioned

Study: More Teens Using Hookahs, E-Cigarettes

Guidelines Push Doctors to Assist Weight Loss

Exercise Cuts Diabetics' Heart, Stroke Risk

New Guidelines May Double Use of Statins

Vitamins Not Advised for Disease Prevention

Child Cough-Cold Drug Emergencies Drop

FDA to Ban Trans Fats in Foods

Being Bilingual May Delay Dementia

Abnormal Antibodies Precede Sjogren's

Rhythm Problem May Increase Heart Attacks

Study: Doctor's Words Affect Vaccine Decisions

U.S. Malaria Cases Highest Since 1971

Exercisers Less Likely to Get Hurt in Falls

Active Chores, Hobbies May Cut Death Risk

Monday's No. 1 for Quit-Smoking Searches

Going Back to School after a Concussion

Strokes Up, Especially for Younger Adults

Low-Normal Blood Sugar May Aid Memory

Studies: Flu Shots Help Protect the Heart

Few Doctors Explain Harms of Cancer Tests

Study Finds Germs in Purchased Breast Milk

Treatments for Worst Nosebleeds Compared

Drug May Improve Treatment of Pericarditis

Many Doctors Ignore PSA Screening Guidelines

Letters Show Portly President's Weight Woes

Regular Bedtimes May Help Kids Behave

Impact of Stroke Can Be Severe

Past Falls Linked to Post-Surgery Complications

Surgery after Stent? Assessing the Risk

Doctors Pushed to Treat Unhealthy Behaviors

Blood Pressure Screening Questioned for Kids

'Poop Pills' Used to Cure Colon Infections

More Details in Long-Term Hormone Study

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