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Genetics News Headlines

(HealthDay News) -- Findings suggest genetics play a bigger role than environment in risk of disorder

(HealthDay News) -- SAVI causes blistering and organ damage, but pinpointing culprit DNA offers hope

(HealthDay News) -- Hereditary angioedema causes swelling of extremities, face and airways

(HealthDay News) -- Treatment looked promising in small trial

(HealthDay News) -- DNA seems more important than upbringing or gender when it comes to intelligence, study found

(HealthDay News) -- But genes don't set academic abilities in stone; experience matters too, experts say

(HealthDay News) -- New method of gathering rare limbal stem cells may help those with vision damage, researchers say

(HealthDay News) -- Treating Hispanics as one group in medical studies may miss specific disease susceptibilities, experts say ...

(HealthDay News) -- New molecule may lead to improvements in detection and treatment, researchers say ...

(HealthDay News) -- Researchers hope findings could eventually lead to eye-cell transplants that could stop or reverse blindness ...

(HealthDay News) -- Study finds smokers with gene normally linked to breast cancer appear to have a much higher risk of lung cancer

(HealthDay News) -- Changes in same gene cause a form of albinism in people, too

(HealthDay News) -- But effect may be too small to prompt better treatments, expert says

(HealthDay News) -- Married couples tend to have genetic traits in common, study states

(HealthDay News) -- Crippled rodents walked again, but it's uncertain if same approach will help people

(HealthDay News) -- Researchers say a rare and unique tumor cell appears to help a form of blood cancer mutate and spread ...

(HealthDay News) -- Small study finds impotence drugs improved blood flow to muscles in boys with the progressive disease

(HealthDay News) -- Scientists say clinical trials in humans could be ready within 4 years

(HealthDay News) -- But researchers still don't know if testing seniors would be worthwhile

(HealthDay News) -- Finding might boost study of skin conditions, and eliminate testing of drugs and cosmetics on animals

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