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(HealthDay News) -- Small study revealed most younger males more interested in closeness, trust with a girl

(HealthDay News) -- Study suggests link between early reading skills and later intelligence

(HealthDay News) -- Prepare your home before the surgery

(HealthDay News) -- Expansion of Medicaid was a major factor in boosting numbers, researchers report

(HealthDay News) -- To help prevent drowning

(HealthDay News) -- Most blood cancer patients will find an acceptable match through bone marrow registry

(HealthDay News) -- One medication seems to partly counteract the other, suggests study on human cells

(HealthDay News) -- Primitive form of envy may help them protect their bond with their human, researchers report

(HealthDay News) -- CDC Lab Director Resigns Following Anthrax Scare Leading Doctor in Sierra Leone Ebola Outbreak Is Now Infected CDC Director Says Antibiotic Resistance a Growing Threat

(HealthDay News) -- Some should take extra care to keep cool

(HealthDay News) -- Suggestions for men in their 60s

(HealthDay News) -- Seek immediate medical help for burns on the face, and large or deep burns

(HealthDay News) -- 'Emergency situation' could arise in weeks if shortages continue ...

(HealthDay News) -- Parents should limit car use, point out unsafe driving behaviors, be a good role model, set 'carfews'

(HealthDay News) -- Catheter-directed thrombolysis may carry higher risk of bleeding than conventional treatment, researchers say

(HealthDay News) -- Rulings conflict over subsidies for people who bought insurance through, the federal website

(HealthDay News) -- More than 22 percent of injuries are concussions, researchers call for better player protections

(HealthDay News) -- Small study finds delayed reaction among those who had trouble resting for more than 10 weeks

(HealthDay News) -- Judge Says FDA Can't Use Panel's Report on Menthols Videotaping Ob/Gyn Costs Hopkins $190 Million

(HealthDay News) -- Ruling invalidates subsidies for people who bought insurance through, the federal website

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