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(HealthDay News) -- Human milk contains important immunological protection for children, study authors say

(HealthDay News) -- Researchers found that when parents responded, infants began to form more complex sounds

(HealthDay News) -- But booster shots and second doses lag for 2-year-olds, report finds ...

(HealthDay News) -- Study found association regardless of their current weight

(HealthDay News) -- RSV leading cause of hospitalization among infants, researchers note

(HealthDay News) -- Study shows only half of eligible women in lower-income countries receive helpful drug

(HealthDay News) -- But researchers say it's too soon to make recommendation

(HealthDay News) -- Death rate with vaginal birth is 10 times higher, researchers find

(HealthDay News) -- Study shows most common genetic link to obesity triggers activity in the brain's reward centers

(HealthDay News) -- Test to detect mom-to-be's folate concentration could spot those lacking nutrient for infant development

(HealthDay News) -- And teens, college students should make sure their vaccines are up to date, says Academy of Pediatrics

(HealthDay News) -- Study found moms who returned to part-time work were better able to meet their goals

(HealthDay News) -- Pregnant Workers Get More Protection Under New U.S. Guidelines 1,500-Year-Old Skeleton Is Oldest Known Case of Down Syndrome High Cost of Hepatitis C Drug Investigated by U.S. Senate

(HealthDay News) -- Scans found motor areas were activated when infants heard others talking, researchers report

(HealthDay News) -- 1,500-Year-Old Skeleton is Oldest Known Case of Down Syndrome High Cost of Hepatitis C Drug Sovaldi Being Investigated by U.S. Senate Committee

(HealthDay News) -- Study also finds risk factors for sleep-related death vary with baby's age

(HealthDay News) -- This could benefit newborns later in life, researcher suggests ...

(HealthDay News) -- Deaths were far more common when poor women did not receive follow-up care, study finds ...

(HealthDay News) -- Study found well-nourished, educated women had similarly sized babies, regardless of where they lived

(HealthDay News) -- In U.S., one in 10,000 infants is born with the vision-robbing disease

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