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Seven Ways To Get the Most From Your Health Care Dollar
Drug therapy has become a significant part of health care costs for all of us. Here is how to minimize the cost of prescription drugs.
Depression, Genetics and the Drug Ecstasy
Ecstasy, a popular street drug used to create a sense of euphoria, causes depression in many long-term users. This has unexpectedly given scientists a better understanding of how much genetics can influence our reaction to medications.
Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet (Part 2)
As part of a series on stocking your medicine cabinet, a Harvard expert discusses which drugs to have on hand for heartburn, constipation and first aid.
Relief From Hay Fever
For most of us, spring is an eagerly anticipated part of the year. But for up to 35 million Americans, spring represents the beginning of the dreaded allergy season.
The Arguments Against Dietary Supplements
The next time you are thinking about purchasing a dietary supplement, remember that you are not very well protected.
Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet (Part 1)
Regardless of what ails you, there are likely to be dozens of products to choose from at the drugstore. Here, a Harvard pharmacist offers a basic list of items for the well-stocked medicine cabinet.
Clinical Trials: What Are They, And Are They Right for You? (Part 1)
Enrolling in a clinical trial is not something that should be done lightly or without a good deal of thought. If you are thinking about it, you will need some additional information before making a decision.
Drug Therapy And Your Genes (Part 1 of 2)
We have known for many years that drugs do not always work the same way in all people. Although there are many factors that may be responsible for the difference in response to a drug, your genes may play a larger role than we once believed.
Safe Use of Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers
No drug is completely safe, including those sold over the counter. Any drug that is effective will also have side effects. Acetaminophen and other pain relievers are no exception.
Cautions About Reflux Relief
Acid-blocking medicines generally are very safe, even if taken long-term. Still, it's good to be aware of potential side effects.


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