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Harvard Commentaries
Harvard Commentaries
Reviewed by the Faculty of Harvard Medical School

Understanding Why Your Doctor Might Say No
Making Sense Of Medical Warnings
Pool Rules: What Your (Public Health) Doctor Is Saying
Decoding the 'Plasties'
Medical Terminology - When Size Matters
Medical Test Results: Are You Normal, and Is That a Good Thing?
Placebos -- What Your Doctor Is or Isn't Saying
Why Doctors Repeat Themselves
Diseases Named After Geographical Locations
Medical Terminology -- Blood Vessel Disease
Decoding Common Skin Conditions
Body Language: Telling Your Anterior From Your Posterior
When Your Doctor Is Vague
Top Five Digestion Misconceptions
Name That Disease!
Medical Doctors Or Spin Doctors: Sorting Through Conflicting Information
Reading Your Medical Record
Common Versus Rare Conditions
Learning From History
What I've Learned by Listening
Describing A Hospital Patient's Condition
Inflammatory Words
The World Of Syndromes
Tech Speak
Math In Medicine: Know Your 'Rithmetic
The 'Excluding' Language Of Medicine
Mysterious Acronyms
The Ultimate Natural Remedy
What Makes a Drug a Drug?
Medical Terminology - The Case For Accuracy
The Many Faces of Heart Disease
Dysphagia -- "Medical Speak" for Trouble Swallowing
Breathing Problems -- What Do they Mean?
Contain Yourself -- The Language of Your Body's Linings
Decoding Disease Names
When the Research Doctor Says, 'More Study Needed'
Understanding Your Prescription Slip
How Your Doctor Looks at Research: the Error Factor
Sometimes It's 'I Don't Know'
Circulation Troubles -- What Do They Mean?
Who's Who in Your Health Care, Part 2: Non-M.D.s
Getting 'Hyper'
How To Understand When Your Doctor Talks Statistics
A Day in the Life
'Dys' Can Help You Understand Your Doctor
The Mystery of the 'Opathies'
Not So Fast: Why Your Doctor Is Skeptical
Who's Who in Your Health Care, Part 1: In the Hospital
Symptoms -- Location, Location, Location
'Hypo'-thetically Speaking
The Case for Moderation
Uncertainty: Medicine's Frequent Companion
Feet Matter
Twisted Medicine
Taking the Pain Out of Pain Relievers
Decoding the '-Omas'
The Many Ways To Say 'Normal'
What Are the Odds? Understanding Risk
The '-osis' Diagnosis
Name That Drug
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