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Harvard Commentaries
Harvard Commentaries
Reviewed by the Faculty of Harvard Medical School

How Useful Are Consumer Drug Ads?
Testosterone -- What It Does And Doesn't Do
Three Myths About Hospital Stays
The Upside of Genetic Mutations
Health Statistics -- View Them with Caution
Needles -- Separating Fact from Fiction
Forget What You Heard About Amnesia
A Dangerous Myth: If It's Over The Counter, It Must Be Safe
The '8 Glasses Per Day' Rule
Medical Myth Prevention -- Understanding Medical News
The Myth of Multitasking
Myths about Your Incredible Head
Busting Myths About Your Stomach
Does Food Cause Ulcers?
Myths About Vision
Does Diet Play a Role in Arthritis?
The Hazards of Bathroom Seats
Vitamin Supplements: Are They for Everyone?
Can Sex Be a Health Hazard?
The 'Ripening' of Cataracts
Airing Out a Lung Cancer Myth
The Right Way To Handle a Seizure
Are All Steroids Bad?
Eating and Swimming
The Influence of Sugar on Childhood Behavior
The Limits of Willpower
Nosebleeds -- Separating Fact From Fiction
I Can't Take It! -- Side Effects, Intolerance and Allergic Reactions to Medicines
The Promise and Pitfalls of Patient Empowerment
Four Common Myths About Allergies
What Makes a Disease Real?
Does Bad Posture Cause Scoliosis?
Nearing a Cancer Cure?
The Seeds of Worry
The Best Ways To Deal With a Fever
The Turkey Coma -- Fact or Fiction?
Doctor, How Long Have I Got?
Groin Injuries and Your Voice
Common Conditions with Misleading Symptoms
The Myth of 98.6
Does Milk Cause Prostate Cancer?
Are You Worried Well?
Toads and Frogs -- Friend or Foe?
Acne and the Role of Diet
Cherries for Gout -- Myth or Marvel?
What Your Doctor Doesn't Know
Will a Routine Physical Uncover Every Problem?
Sugar's Role in Diabetes
Is Splitting Pills Okay?
Is Gout a Rich Person's Disease?
The Pros and Cons of Medical Tests
How Diseases Come and Go
Can We Predict Height?
Sleep -- Can You Get Too Much of a Good Thing?
Boy or Girl? Determining a Baby's Gender
Does Being a 'Lefty' Affect Your Health?
What Are You Yawning About?
Natural Disasters -- Sources of Disease?
How Much of the Brain Do We Really Use?
The Ups and Downs of Body Temperature
Do Alternative Treatments and Vitamin Supplements Work?
Nutrients: Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?
Does Nighttime Noshing Make You Fat?
Lifting the Myth Off Hernias
10 Flu Myths
Sleep: What's Going on Behind That Shut-Eye?
'Whole-Body' MRI — A Good Stocking Stuffer This Holiday?
In Search of the Elusive Aphrodisiac: Sex, Food and Myth
Is Kissing Dangerous?
Can You Really Throw Your Back Out?
Anatomy 101: Know Your Body Parts
His and Her Vitamins -- Smart Medicine or Marketing Ploy?
Taking Baby Out and About
Cramps: What They Are, What To Do
Choosing Your Six-Pack: Abdominal Muscles and Pot Bellies
The Myth and Mystery of Hiccups
How Does a Myth Get Started?
Real-Time Medical Care
Stomach Growling and Other Bodily Noises: Embarrassing, But a Sign of Health
Old Age: It's Tough, But It Won't Kill You
10 Osteoporosis Myths
Are Beer and Wine Less Strong Than Liquor?
The Real Dangers of Lightning
Will a Beer Really Quench That Summer Thirst?
What It Means To Be 'Double-Jointed'
Is Exercise Always Good for You?
Can You Wear Out Your Joints?
The Top 10 Things That Don't Cause Arthritis
The Myth of Bags Under the Eyes
Getting a Flu Shot -- Will it Cause the Flu?
Putting the Apple-a-Day Adage to the Test
Arthritis -- From Myth to Fact
Radiation and Your Health
Cancer's Fine Line
Facts and Myths About Anemia
Age and Arthritis -- Facts and Fiction
Circumspection for Circumcision
Whether Weather Matters For Arthritis
Worried Gray?
Baby Boomers and Hearing Loss
Which Hangover Cures Work?
Why Timing Is Important in Medicine
Myths About Snoring
What Makes a Good Doctor?
The Quick and Dirty on Tetanus
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Names and Claims
How Inhaling Helium Affects Your Voice
Does a Sneeze Mean Disease?
Do Big Voices Need Big Bodies?
Advice You Can Safely Ignore About Getting Pregnant
Yikes, Lice!
The Lie of Lie Detectors
Does Metabolism Matter in Weight Loss?
Medical Myths Die Hard
Organs With Plenty To Spare
Don't Fall for These Skin Myths
Poinsettia, Mistletoe and Other Holiday 'Dangers'
Exercise and Your Menstrual Cycle: Does Time of the Month Matter?
No Match for Tick Removal
Menstrual Synchrony
Coffee -- Grounds for Concern?
From Ulcers To Deodorant -- Dispelling Teen Myths
A Handful of Fingernail Myths
Can You Become Immune to Medications?
The Hair-Raising Myth About Shaving
Calling in the Replacements
Licking Your Wounds
The Truth About Premarital Blood Testing
Useless Organs
Growing Pains
Twelve Myths About Pregnancy
Praying for Health
The Mercury Myth
CPR: Less Effective Than You Might Think
Computer Use and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Breaking Down Bone Myths
Power Lines and Your Health
Gender Matters in Health
The Little Things We Do
Mixing Antibiotics and Alcohol
Leaving a Mark -- How and Why We Scar
Diet and Diverticulitis
The Organic Advantage
The Unexpected Benefits of 'Bad' Habits
'Expired' Medicines -- Are They Safe?
Medical Myth -- Modern Medicine Is Wiping Out Disability
Can Coffee Really Stunt Your Growth?
Milk Myths
'I'm Such a Klutz!'
Should You Avoid Dairy Foods When You're Sick?
Do Presidents Age Faster?
How Helpful Are Birthing Classes?
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