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Harvard Commentaries
Harvard Commentaries
Reviewed by the Faculty of Harvard Medical School

How To Prevent Heart Problems Triggered by Exercise
How the Athlete's Heart Gets Strong
Marriage and Men's Health
Snow Shoveling -- Caution, Men at Risk
A Sunny Outlook Is Good for Your Health
Biking and Sex -- The 'Vicious Cycle'
Light Smoking -- Unsafe in Any Dose
Distracted Driving -- Fast Lane to Disaster
Understanding Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Relief for Restless Legs Syndrome
Fainting -- Harmless or a Red Flag?
How Often Should You Eat?
What Men Need To Know About Testicular Cancer
Step It Up To Stay Well
Testosterone -- The 'Heart' of the Matter
The Mediterranean Diet -- A Model for Men
Polymyalgia Rheumatica -- Fierce Name, Treatable Illness
How Exercise Helps You Relax
Sugar and Your Heart -- Sour News About Sweets
How Therapeutic Is Massage?
Caution -- Grapefruit and Medication
Saunas and Your Health
Botox for Men of a Certain Age
Treating High Blood Pressure -- Are Two Drugs Better Than One?
The Intestinal Infection Triggered by Antibiotics
Men -- How Much Water Do You Need?
Nuts and Your Health -- Cracking Old Myths
Your Guide to Statin Drugs
Q&A -- The New Cholesterol Guidelines
Walking Or Jogging: Which Is Best for You?
Acupuncture for Erectile Dysfunction?
How Pets Affect Your Health
Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease: Surprising Bedfellows
Golf and Your Health
The 10 Commandments of Cancer Prevention
Help for Excessive Perspiration
Does Money Motivate Healthy Behavior?
The New Dietary Guidelines -- Good Advice for Men
Men -- Protect Yourself from Deep Venous Thrombosis
HDL Cholesterol - How To Get More of a Good Thing
The Metabolic Syndrome: A Menace
to Men's Health
Chocolate -- Health Boon or Bust?
Bladder Cancer -- Men at Risk
Chronic Constipation: A Strain On Health
When There's Blood in Your Urine
Influenza -- Just the Flu?
Shingles -- A Painful Rash and More
New Approaches to Hot Flashes in Men
Protect Your Brain from a Concussion
Protect Yourself from Glaucoma
Dealing with Unintentional Weight Loss
Meat or Beans -- Which Has the Biggest Nutritional Payoff?
Smoking Cessation -- Ways To Quit
Stormy Weather -- Shocking Summer Hazards
Sexually Transmitted Infections in Men: Prevention Comes First
The Naked Truth About Baldness
Hot Seats, Laptops, Cell Phones
and Sperm
Don't Be Sidelined By Exercise Injuries
10 New Year's Resolutions for Good Health
Premature Ejaculation
How Aging Affects Male Sexuality
COPD: It Takes Your Breath Away
Guys -- Start Protecting Your Brain Now!
Medical Enemy #1: Heart Disease
Growing Pains: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
How Much Exercise Do You Need?
Psoriasis -- More Than Skin Deep
Nasal Allergies -- Nothing To Sneeze At
Walking -- Getting the Respect it Deserves
Vitamin D -- Don't Get Caught 'D-ficient'
Men and Headaches
Lower the 'Bad' Cholesterol for Your Own Good
Peripheral Artery Disease
Low-Back Pain
Heat Wave--Don't Be a Seasonal Statistic
Hernias --Three Questions You Need To Ask
Protect Your Colon From Diverticular Disease
Climate Change and Your Health
Tips for a Healthy Summer
Is Being Male Hazardous to Your Health?
Breast Problems in Men
Gout -- A Common Cause of Joint Pain
Help for Insomnia
Now Hear This -- Noise Can Make You Deaf
Lifestyle Changes -- Do They Work?
Blood Pressure and Your Brain
Exercise -- No Pain, Big Gains
Running and Your Joints
Holiday Time -- Start Your Family Health History
GERD -- Heartburn and More
A Scorecard on Supplements
A Guide to Health Clubs
Dizziness -- What Causes This Common Complaint?
Men -- Respect Your Blood Pressure
Abdominal Obesity and Your Health
Panic Attacks--Just Nerves?
Energy Drinks -- Use Caution
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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