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Harvard Commentaries
Harvard Commentaries
Reviewed by the Faculty of Harvard Medical School

Try "Active Commuting" for Your Health
Men: Eating Well at Home and Away
How To Prevent Heart Problems Triggered by Exercise
How the Athlete's Heart Gets Strong
Marriage and Men's Health
Snow Shoveling -- Caution, Men at Risk
A Sunny Outlook Is Good for Your Health
Fainting -- Harmless or a Red Flag?
How Often Should You Eat?
Biking and Sex -- The 'Vicious Cycle'
Light Smoking -- Unsafe in Any Dose
Distracted Driving -- Fast Lane to Disaster
Understanding Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Relief for Restless Legs Syndrome
What Men Need To Know About Testicular Cancer
Step It Up To Stay Well
Testosterone -- The 'Heart' of the Matter
The Mediterranean Diet -- A Model for Men
Polymyalgia Rheumatica -- Fierce Name, Treatable Illness
How Exercise Helps You Relax
Sugar and Your Heart -- Sour News About Sweets
How Therapeutic Is Massage?
Caution -- Grapefruit and Medication
Saunas and Your Health
Botox for Men of a Certain Age
Treating High Blood Pressure -- Are Two Drugs Better Than One?
The Intestinal Infection Triggered by Antibiotics
Men -- How Much Water Do You Need?
Nuts and Your Health -- Cracking Old Myths
Your Guide to Statin Drugs
Q&A -- The New Cholesterol Guidelines
Walking Or Jogging: Which Is Best for You?
Acupuncture for Erectile Dysfunction?
How Pets Affect Your Health
Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease: Surprising Bedfellows
Golf and Your Health
The 10 Commandments of Cancer Prevention
Help for Excessive Perspiration
Does Money Motivate Healthy Behavior?
The New Dietary Guidelines -- Good Advice for Men
Men -- Protect Yourself from Deep Venous Thrombosis
The Metabolic Syndrome: A Menace
to Men's Health
HDL Cholesterol - How To Get More of a Good Thing
Chocolate -- Health Boon or Bust?
Bladder Cancer -- Men at Risk
Chronic Constipation: A Strain On Health
When There's Blood in Your Urine
Influenza -- Just the Flu?
Shingles -- A Painful Rash and More
New Approaches to Hot Flashes in Men
Protect Your Brain from a Concussion
Protect Yourself from Glaucoma
Dealing with Unintentional Weight Loss
Meat or Beans -- Which Has the Biggest Nutritional Payoff?
Blood Pressure and Your Brain
Exercise -- No Pain, Big Gains
Holiday Time -- Start Your Family Health History
GERD -- Heartburn and More
Smoking Cessation -- Ways To Quit
Sexually Transmitted Infections in Men: Prevention Comes First
Hot Seats, Laptops, Cell Phones
and Sperm
Stormy Weather -- Shocking Summer Hazards
10 New Year's Resolutions for Good Health
The Naked Truth About Baldness
Don't Be Sidelined By Exercise Injuries
How Aging Affects Male Sexuality
COPD: It Takes Your Breath Away
Premature Ejaculation
Guys -- Start Protecting Your Brain Now!
Medical Enemy #1: Heart Disease
Psoriasis -- More Than Skin Deep
Growing Pains: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
How Much Exercise Do You Need?
Vitamin D -- Don't Get Caught 'D-ficient'
Nasal Allergies -- Nothing To Sneeze At
Walking -- Getting the Respect it Deserves
Men and Headaches
Hernias --Three Questions You Need To Ask
Lower the 'Bad' Cholesterol for Your Own Good
Peripheral Artery Disease
Low-Back Pain
Climate Change and Your Health
Heat Wave--Don't Be a Seasonal Statistic
Protect Your Colon From Diverticular Disease
Breast Problems in Men
Tips for a Healthy Summer
Is Being Male Hazardous to Your Health?
Gout -- A Common Cause of Joint Pain
Now Hear This -- Noise Can Make You Deaf
Help for Insomnia
Lifestyle Changes -- Do They Work?
Running and Your Joints
A Scorecard on Supplements
A Guide to Health Clubs
Dizziness -- What Causes This Common Complaint?
Men -- Respect Your Blood Pressure
Abdominal Obesity and Your Health
Panic Attacks--Just Nerves?
Energy Drinks -- Use Caution
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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