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Harvard Commentaries
Harvard Commentaries
Reviewed by the Faculty of Harvard Medical School

Is Your Teen Ready To Drive?
Can Eating Peanuts Prevent Peanut Allergy?
2015 Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule
Parents -- Get the "Screens" Out of Your Child's Bedroom
Banning Sweet Treats at School Parties
Protecting Your Child From Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
What To Tell Your Kids About Ebola
When To Take Your Child to the ER
Spring Safely Into Fall
Food Allergies -- What Parents Need To Know
Parents -- What You Need To Know About Hookahs
Give Your Kids a Safe Summer
What Parents Need To Know about E-Cigarettes
Four Rules To Prevent Youth Sports Injuries -- and Burnout
SIDS -- What Parents Need To Know
Choosing a Preschool Program
Head Lice? No Need To Panic
Should Babies and Toddlers Use iPads?
Preventing Heart Disease: What Parents Need to Know
Children's Headaches -- What Parents Need to Know
Keeping Kids Safe - Without Scaring Them
Help Your Child 'Breathe Easy'
Guard Your Child Against Accidental Injuries
Vaccines: The Long Road to the 'Recommended' List
Protect Your Child's Sight
Growing Pains
The Benefits of Cooking with Your Kids
Talking to Your Kids about Marijuana
Preventing Cyberbullying
Video Games -- What Parents Need To Know
Car Safety Seats -- Changes to Make Now
'Helicopter Parenting' -- When Too Much Help Is No Help
Do Kids Need Sports and Energy Drinks?
Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse
Promoting a Healthy Body Image
When Should a Child Get a Cell Phone?
Smart Sun Protection for Kids
Drinking and Driving: Keep Your Teens Safe
Help Your Child Sleep Independently
Children and Swimming Lessons--What Parents Should Know
Say Goodbye to Separation Anxiety
Introducing Solid Foods: 8 Keys to Success
How To Praise Your Kids
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
When and How To Stop Thumb-Sucking
Peanut Allergy: When Snacks Can Be Deadly
Survival Guide for Kids' Colds -- Managing Without Medication
Autism -- Act Early To Make a Difference
Depression in Children
The Sexualization of Girls
Ear Tubes -- What Parents Need to Know
Kids and Flu Shots -- What's New
Guidelines for Treating Earaches in Children
HPV Vaccine -- Important Information for Parents
Take Care of Your Child's Oral Health
Fighting Childhood Obesity
'Body Art' and Your Teen
Monitoring Media, On-Screen and Online
Watch Out for Rabies -- It Could Happen to You!
Preventing Teen Pregnancy
Prevent Accidental Poisonings!
Type 2 Diabetes in Children: A Growing Problem
The Importance of Reading to Your Child
How To Talk To Your Kids About Drugs
Taking a Bite Out of Baby-Tooth Decay
Parents, How Much Do You Know About Inhalants?
Ensuring Happy Campers
Radon: What Do You Need to Know?
Jaundice In Newborns: Common But Potentially Serious
All About Breastfeeding
Do Your Kids Have the Holiday 'Gimmes'?
Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?
Keep Your Child Safe Around Pets in the Home or Classroom
Don't Dismiss Dairy!
Avoiding Heat-Related Illness
Watch Out For Whooping Cough (aka Pertussis)
RSV, Bronchiolitis And Colds
Preventing Child Abuse
Why Your Child Needs a Flu Shot
How to Prevent the Most Common Cause of Choking in Kids
Prevent Drowning -- Four Keys To Protect Your Child
Parenting To Prevent Obesity
Breastfeeding Success After You're Back at Work
Preparing for Your Daughter's First Period
The Importance of Play
Picking A Pediatrician
Happy Trails: Safe, Healthy Travel With Kids
Managing Sibling Rivalry
Teens -- Respecting Their Health Privacy
Texting and Teens -- A Pediatrician (and Mom) Speaks Out
Choosing a Babysitter -- What Parents Need To Know
Keeping Your Young Athlete Healthy
and Happy
Picking the Best and Safest Toys -- Read This Before You Shop
Make the Most of Your Child's Doctor Visit
Vitamin D -- What Parents Need To Know
Tantrums -- Understanding, Preventing and Surviving Them
Financial Stress Affects Kids, Too
Adding a Pet to the Family
Kids' Snacks -- Resisting the Lure of Cartoon Characters
Talking to Children About Death
Surviving the Spring Sniffles
When Older Kids Have Tantrums
Teens and Tanning -- What Parents Need To Know
Nurturing A Child's Creativity
Protecting Your Kids' Hearing
Sending Your Child Off to College
Helping Your Child With Homework
Talking to Children About Illness
Could Your Child Have a Learning Disability?
Tricks of the Trade: What To Do if Your Child Won't Take Medicines
How To Prevent Flat Spots on Your Baby's Head
Sunscreens: New Rules For Parents
Acne -- What Parents Need to Know
New Advice About Giving Solid Foods to Infants
Talking to Children About Social Media
Helping Your Child Cope with a Disaster
How Safe Is Your School?
Talk To Your Child About Tobacco
Secondhand Smoke -- What Parents Need to Know
Teaching Gratitude this Holiday Season -- And All Year Long
What Parents Should Know About Organic Foods
Salt and Kids -- What Parents Need To Know
Protecting Your Kids From Colds and Flu
Circumcision: What Parents Need To Know
To Keep Kids Healthy, Adults Need Immunizations, Too!
Helping Your Child Transition to Middle School
How To Keep the Summer Bugs Away
Talking to Kids About the Birds and the Bees
Springtime Allergy Relief for Kids
Children and Sleep -- What Parents Need to Know
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