Your Body, By The Numbers: Nose, Tongue And Mouth

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Your Body, By The Numbers: Nose, Tongue And Mouth

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Your Body, By The Numbers
Your Body, By The Numbers: Nose, Tongue And Mouth
Your Body, By The Numbers: Nose, Tongue And Mouth
Is a sneeze faster than a major league baseball pitch? How many taste buds live on your tongue? And -- yuck -- how much saliva does your mouth produce each day?
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Your Body: By The Numbers

Nose, Tongue & Mouth
The nose traps and filters up to 70 percent of the 20 billion dust particles that are inhaled each day. It also changes the temperature of the incoming air to about 95 F and regulates humidity up to 100 percent.

Each year, people living in the United States catch almost 1 billion colds. That's about two to four colds for each adult and six to eight colds for each child. The reason: There are more than 100 different rhinoviruses, the most common cold-causer, plus about 90 other kinds of cold-causing viruses.

The fastest sneeze ever recorded was clocked at just over 100 miles per hour.

Your nose contains 20 types of odor-detecting cells. With these, you can distinguish thousands of different smells.

The tongue has 3,000 to 10,000 taste buds. Although the tongue can perceive hundreds of different tastes, the taste buds generally detect only sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

The mouth produces about a quart of saliva each day.

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Last updated June 23, 2014

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