Warning Signs Of Dementia

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Warning Signs Of Dementia

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Warning Signs Of Dementia
Warning Signs Of Dementia
If you or your family and friends have noticed a change in your cognitive function and/or behavior, it is important that you consult a health-care provider.
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Warning Signs Of Dementia
If you or your family and friends have noticed a change in your cognitive function or behavior, it is important that you consult a health-care professional. A health-care professional can differentiate between normal age-related memory loss and more profound memory loss associated with illness. You'll want to know as soon as possible whether or not your condition is treatable and/or reversible.
No matter what the cause, early diagnosis is the key to regaining or maintaining cognitive function. Catching dementia in its early stages allows time for support systems to be established and for all treatment options to be considered. Because of the nature of dementia, you may not be the best judge of your condition. Talk to friends and/or family members that you trust.
Here are a few warning signs that can indicate dementia if they occur frequently or become constant. If any of these occur frequently or become fixed, you should seek prompt evaluation by a skilled professional.


  • Difficulty learning and retaining new information
    Do you have trouble remembering recent conversations, events or appointments?
    Do you frequently misplace objects?
  • Difficulty handling complex tasks
    Do you get confused when you need to perform a task that has many steps, such as preparing a meal?
  • Difficulty with reasoning ability
    Are you increasingly unable to respond with a reasonable plan to problems at home or at work?
  • Difficulty with spatial ability and orientation
    Do you have difficulty finding your way around in familiar places?
    Do you have trouble driving?
  • Difficulty with language
    Are you frequently unable to find the right word to express yourself?
    Do you have difficulty initiating or following conversation?
  • Changes in behavior
    Are you more irritable or aggressive than usual?
    Are you indifferent to what is happening around you?



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Last updated June 28, 2013

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