Managing a Child's Diabetes

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Managing a Child's Diabetes

Diabetes Type 1
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Managing a Child's Diabetes
Managing a Child's Diabetes
Children will need help from their parents to manage their diabetes. They can take over responsibility gradually as they get older.
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Managing a Child's Diabetes
Infants and young children will need their parents to manage their diabetes completely. This means:
  • Giving insulin shots
  • Checking blood sugar levels regularly
  • Planning meals and snacks
  • Joining them in physical activity
But children should be actively involved. They will need to know how to manage their diabetes in the future. As children get older, they should be given more responsibility.
Teenagers typically want and need more independence from their parents. Older children and teens should learn to manage all aspects of their diabetes.
Parents should try not to be overly protective. Teens do best when responsibility is gradually shifted. When the time seems right, develop a transition plan with your child and the child's doctor. You will need a system for moving more responsibilities to your child that's agreeable to everyone.
One important role that parents play is to help the child prepare for occasional setbacks as he or she begins to manage care more independently. Help your child through a setback without being overly judgmental.


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Last updated July 20, 2014

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