As If Cancer And Heart Disease Weren't Enough ...

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As If Cancer And Heart Disease Weren't Enough ...

Tobacco Cessation
The Great American Smokeout
As If Cancer And Heart Disease Weren't Enough ...
As If Cancer And Heart Disease Weren't Enough ...
Six things you should know about the effects of smoking on your body.
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As If Cancer And Heart Disease Weren't Enough ...

Tobacco causes cancer, emphysema and heart disease, contributing to the deaths of 400,000 Americans each year. Most smokers seem to know these facts, with two-thirds of smokers surveyed in a recent Gallup poll conceding that their habit will kill them someday. The poll also found that three-fourths of current smokers have tried to quit at least once. We want to motivate you to quit for good. To help, we have created our own list of important reasons you may not have thought of to stop smoking.

Did You Know That:

If you are a smoker, your kids are more likely to pick up your bad habits. It's true, research shows that children of parents who smoke are less physically active, watch more television, have a less healthy diet and smoke more than children of nonsmokers.

Women who smoke have more trouble getting pregnant. They take longer to conceive than nonsmokers, and are more likely to need the services of infertility clinics.

Smoking during pregnancy is linked to a doubled risk of attention-deficit disorder in your child. Children of smoking moms are also at higher risk of language problems and may have a lower IQ.

Smoking contributes to impotence in men. Because erectile dysfunction is primarily related to blood circulation, experts say the best way to prevent impotence is to reduce vascular risk factors by avoiding cigarette smoking, maintaining low blood cholesterol levels and treating hypertension.

Smoking can give you heartburn and ulcers. Most ulcers are caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria, but not everyone who has this infection gets an ulcer. Smoking doubles your ulcer risk. In addition, smoking slows ulcer healing and increases the chance that the ulcer will recur after it has been treated. Smoking also causes heartburn.

Smoking may contribute to blindness. Age-related macular degeneration, which harms vision and can lead to blindness, occurs more commonly in cigarette smokers.

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Last updated February 21, 2011

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