A Clean, Fresh Start

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A Clean, Fresh Start

Tobacco Cessation
Celebrate Your Arrival
A Clean, Fresh Start
A Clean, Fresh Start
One of the benefits of barring tobacco from your life is that your world will start to be cleaner.
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A Clean, Fresh Start
As a nonsmoker, take every opportunity to celebrate your new life. One of the benefits of barring tobacco from your life is that your world will start to be cleaner. Tobacco smoke won't penetrate every nook, cranny and woven surface in your home and car. (You'll notice this because your sense of smell has improved — one of the many advantages of being a nonsmoker.)
To capitalize on this new appreciation for a fresh environment (and to make going back to smoking a little harder), why don't you go on a cleaning frenzy?
    • Get your teeth cleaned.
      What used to seem like unnecessary torture may take on new symbolic meaning. Getting your teeth cleaned makes your mouth feel great, and it's a way of saying goodbye to all the toxins that polluted your mouth. Welcome the dentist as a new friend, and let your smile shine through!
    • Clean your home.
      You have probably already gone through your place to trash all of your smoking supplies, but did you give it a good cleaning at the same time? Now that your home is officially smoke-free, take the opportunity to play it up. If you can, hire a professional cleaning service. If not, gather your support team and have them help you. Vacuum. Wipe down all surfaces. Clean your sheets and towels and curtains — anything that holds the stench of smoke. Replace or wipe down all lightbulbs, which collect adherent particles from smoke and can add to a room odor when they heat. And air out the place: Open all the windows and enjoy a fresh clean breeze.
    • Clean your car.
      If you used to smoke in the car, you may want to tackle this area next. Like your home, you car is now a nonsmoking environment. Make it comfortable for the new smoke-free you. Vacuum the floors and seats. Clean the ashtray. Wipe down all surfaces. Make it smell like a brand-new car. For a real treat, get your car detailed inside and out.
    • Wash your clothes.
      If you were a long-term smoker, your entire wardrobe may smell of your former life. Put every piece of clothing in the wash (and send what you can to the dry cleaner). Promise yourself during the spin cycle that the clothing you take out of the washer will remain smoke-free, just like you.


Last updated June 09, 2014

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